The Narrow Way

The Narrow Way

This life is a journey! Whether or not we realize it, from the moment of our birth, each of us has been traveling to one of two destinations. One of these destinations requires nothing of you and offers you nothing in return. The other will require no less than everything you have, but offers more than you have ever dared imagine. The Narrow Way is the story of this journey.

Narration: The Review & Herald January 12, 1869  

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1. Overture 2:43
2. People Need the Lord 4:42
3. As We Sail to Heaven’s Shore 3:28
4. He Who Began a Good Work in You 3:30
5. A Chasing of the Wind 4:27
6. Oh, I Want To Know You More 4:10
7. Find Us Faithful 4:31
8. Let Us Run 3:50
9. Then They Will know 4:17
10. Traveling the Narrow Way 5:45