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Wow! Awesome – Thank you Jesus for moving through Christian!! Everyone needs to hear this.

– C.M. 52 yrs.

Got questions about music? This is the best and most comprehensive presentation I have ever heard.

– J.A. 31 yrs.

Your music seminar has inspired me a lot. Now I know what to listen to and what not to listen to.

– S.C. 11 yrs.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Christian and Coby for coming. We believe every word was from God. We have never heard ANYTHING like this before. The information shared with us was astounding! Amazingly clear and complete.

– Grandmother from Oregon

I am so thankful we came to your seminar. We had heard some of this information before, but never as effectively as you presented it. You also shared many things we had never heard before. Our children ages 18 and 15 were so blessed by your seminar! You absolutely had their attention, and we all learned a lot. This messages is essential to the time in which we live. Thank you for bringing it to us. This is a gift with eternal significance.

– Father from California

Your recent weekend series, The Distraction Dilemma, was an outstanding success, according to those who attended — both young and old. Your material was well documented, presented in a winsome way, and incredibly relevant… Thank you again for your careful research and the refreshing way you and your charming wife presented what to me has been a life-changing look at music and the effect it has on me and on our family.

– Grandfather from Oregon

Just sitting at the back of the church in Malmö listening to Christian Berdahl! This is groundbreaking stuff on the realities in the music world! Make sure you get to listen to this!!! Urgent messages of WARNING for all young people!!

– Mother from Sweden

I just want to thank you for changing my life through your series on music. I had known that I was going to be lost if I didn’t change my music preferences… Thank you so much for showing me the truths about music, and saving my life. Anybody who is wavering in this area, listen to Christian and God. They’re telling the truth!!!

– Teenager from Maine

I am so happy that I could experience this seminar about a huge part of my life — music. I feel SO determined to change what I listen to now that I know what is wrong and what is right. I want to thank you for inspiring me to change who I am and what I listen to.

– Teenager from Illinois

I really appreciate the sacredness of your music. When I listened the CD The Narrow Way, I felt deep in my spirit like I heard those songs before growing up as Methodist Baptist rebellion child. Its such a great encouragement and uplifting when I hear your voice! These sacred songs bring the moment of mind elevation and paradigm shift consciously. Thank you Lord for leading your true servants in my path.
– Ron H.

The Vision of Heaven has been the ultimate blessing. Continues to remind me of what to look forward too. It is so easy to loose sight if we don’t diligently seek God through his word. So thank you for your ministry. God Bless you and your family.
– Alexandria B.

My girls downloaded all your CDs on their ipods and are listening to them EVERY day!! It is really cute to see my little 6 y/o going around the house singing El Shadai. It’s her favorite!! Thanks for your ministry Christian!!
– Michelle F.

We were watching 3ABN today. They were showing your speaking at the ASI Convention in Arizona. You were singing and speaking on the dream Ellen White had about the narrow path. Christian you raised our hopes and encouraged our hearts. God has blessed you with such a wonderful singing voice and powerful ability to show the love of God.
– Judith N.

Your CD has helped me thru many dark and trying hours in my initial Christian experience. I would like to thank you one more time for allowing yourself to be lead by the Spirit of God, and to encourage you to keep your ministry moving forward, you are touching so many lives without even preaching a sermon, just by the use of these musical CDs.
– Chris A.

Greetings from Australia. I have just been listening to your CD The Narrow Way. I praise God for the talent He Has given you to inspire us to have a closer walk with Jesus. I am not musical but I do know what is good music. Keep preaching the Truth through your music brother. But the main thing may we all live the truth in our lives and reflect the image of Jesus fully.
– Trevor T.

I can not tell you how blessed I am by your ministry. The Narrow Way and A Vision of Heaven are two of my favorite CD’s EVER! I listen and tell others about them often! Praise the Lord for the gifts He has given you and for your faithfulness in using them for His glory!
– Vanessa W.

Just a thank you for the music that is so uplifting and inspiring. In our world where the music is so tainted, I can listen to something the LORD can listen to. It makes me happy! Thanks!
– Sylvia N.

I find your songs being a light of hope in this dark world. Thank you for making good christian music with a powerful message that we all can be proud of!
– Magdalena H.

I heard your song: “Give me Jesus” on the local station 107.9 in Washington, DC. I was just blown away.  Your voice is amazing, the background music is outstanding, and the lyrics just sang to me and made my soul smile.
– Tom C.

Just received Christian Berdahl’s material today. What a blessing! I am going to feature the Vision of Heaven CD in its entirety on my Friday Hymn Program which airs from 1- 2:45PM here in Belize. I will be playing the sermons at various times as well.
– Ellie W.

Your message in song and word on the CD’s…”Heaven” and “Narrow Way”.. did minister & touch our hearts. When my husband came home from work yesterday…he remarked, “Where did you get the music you are playing on the CD player?  It is beautiful!.” He didn’t realize your CD’s had arrived yesterday. We will certainly purchase more of these CD’s for gifts to our family and friends. Our people need the message God has given to the SDA movement.  We treasure the SOP and God’s message to us through the volumes of the SOP…..but to hear the message in music and word has a special anointing on it. There is an anointing of the Holy Spirit on these CD’s, Berdahl.  God bless you!
– Marlenea

I want to let you know how much your CD, “The Narrow Way”, has meant to me. When I first bought it at the Christian bookstore in Elk Grove (I believe it was the same evening I saw your family when you had brought the CD’s to the store) I listened to it and thought it was good but it wasn’t really hitting home. Then, maybe a year later I listened to it again and, at that point, I couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I listened to it over and over and I still listen to it. It is such an encouragement to me. The songs are beautiful and each one fits with the dream so well. Thank you for such an inspiring CD.
– Laurie G.

I have listened to your new album several times. I’m listening to it right now as I’m working. Christian this is a fantastic production. I am really looking forward to the concert here. As I was working here I thought I just needed to take a minute and let you know how much I like this album.
– Ron R.

Ok, so you’ve made me break my all-time rule of not listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving! Your music is such a blessing, the Lord has really given you a gift!!
– Laura M.

I just returned from a concert given by Christian Berdahl. He is phenominal… He has the voice of an Angel…and he gives one of the most wonderful, uplifting message of hope and love… He doesn’t preach hatred and he includes all in his praise… Now I know that it is in the form of a religious program… When he gets to your town… Go and see him, he will make you feel good and his singing is worth the visit… He is a minister, singer, and one of our best Palace players… He made me feel great and he looks as good as he sings… His name fits him like hand to glove…
– Robert G. (Former actor Christian used to act with prior to his conversion)

My wife and I have your CD “Consecration’ and we love it.  We enjoy the traditional hymns and that CD is the best.  Praise the Lord for the wonderful voice He gave you, one that I can only dream of having.
– Rich H.

We have really been blessed by the song “Let Us Run.” I have played it at least 100 times driving in the car. Your CD, Consecration, is also like balm on a sore wound, peace in a world gone mad. Blessings on your recording, and may many angels sing with you.
– Daniel P.

This evening on the way home from a doctor’s appointment, Jim and I played the first CD that you did.  I’m speechless.  The music was glorious and your voice is a gift indeed.  More than that, your narration from Ellen White pierced my heart for the first time in many years.  I had recently been living in the world of “this could just as well be a fairy tale made up some well-meaning but unbelievable people” when the Holy Spirit gave me one of those “ah ha” moments —- Sister White actually saw these things in vision and for some reason, just now, everything is clearer for me.  Right now all I can say is Thank You and God Bless you, Dear Friend, you have touched my spirit and made a change in my life and in my thinking!  I had a hard time driving because I was fighting back tears, tears of absolute JOY at the message you shared – thanks for the blessings and Praise the Lord!!
– Carolyn O.


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Thank you so much for the CDs. I have listened to many of them and I would just like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. They have inspired be to truly give my life to the Lord Jesus. Thank you once again.
– Mark N. – Australia

Thank you so much for the sermon CDs. I was expecting 1 maybe 2, but received several. I have listened to the first 2; what a blessing and right on! Please keep sharing your heart, it is so refreshing to hear your family’s story and God’s love.
– Stephanie B.

THANKS A LOT for all the cd’s you sent us!  What a blessing!  My husband listens to them while driving all day and then we listened to them as a family when driving to church.  May God continue to bless and guide you with His Holy Spirit!!  You\’re in our prayers!  We really appreciate your sermons and music!
– Mayada S.

I got the sermons you sent for me and it has change my life so much. I started sharing it with friends and they love it too. Thank you so much! I trust that God will continue to bless you always. Continue doing his work.
– Roszanna S.

Hello Mr. Berdahl, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Northwest Youth Conference. I enjoyed every single message you shared and the concert was a great way to close to Sabbath. I hope the Lord continues to bless you and your work!
– Jazmin M.

Dear Brother Christian, I was at church the day you presented your sermon “The 4 C’s of Christianity.” It’s been a huge inspiration to me. I got the CD so I could listen to it over & over. It also helped to bring my 26 year old son to the Lord that I’d had a 15 year estrangement with. I’m happy to say that he is now a baptized member of our church as well. Thank you for your work, God Bless you & your ministry.
– Todd D.

Thank you for the 15 CDs of the month you mailed to me recently.  I have just finished listening to number 5 and think it is my favorite…so far! I am not Adventist, but do enjoy your messages and your singing(have also just ordered your Consecration CD from your website), and the ‘talk after the talk’ and really enjoy your discussions and sharing. I am very encouraged by your messages and will be sharing them with others as I am able.  I really appreciate you sending them to me all the way to Australia and I pray the Lord will continue to bless you as a family and in your ministry.
– Lynda K.

Greetings from the Friendly Islands, the kingdom of Tonga, a simple period in the Pacific Ocean. Left my CDs with my nieces so may i request for the whole set please. I couldn’t forget you guys, but need to hear Christian’s sermons just to help me out in my daily walk.
– Tupou E.

A friend sent me a CD with Six Days In Babylon. I found the message so needed in our lives and in our church, If you can send me all of them, I’ll be so happy. And I’ll be happy to share it with others. May God bless you all.
– Adina P.

I am getting closer to Christ by listening to your sermons! Thank you so much for that!
– Tammy S.

We have been incredibly blessed by your ministry.  I think we are already signed up, but not sure, so doing it again.  May I please request 10 copies of ALL your monthly messages so we can share them?  They are AWESOME! Thank you for blessing us so!  And Praise God for leading you to this place in your lives so you can bless God’s people at this time in earth’s history.  God Bless You!!!!
– Patrick L.