Omega Emerging DVD

Omega Emerging

Omega Emerging

By: Operation Iceberg

Featuring Steve Wohlberg, Janet Neumann, Allen Davis, Alexa Hernandez, David Fiedler, Gerry Wagoner, plus speakers Pastor Stephen Bohr and Dustin Butler.

There’s a saying: “Don’t allow a camel to put its nose under your tent, for soon it’ll be in your tent.” Today the “camel” appears to be the emerging church movement in Seventh-day Adventism. How far has it penetrated the church today? Is it the “omega of apostasy” Ellen White warned us about? This series presents what could be the undermining of the movement raised to correct the errors of modern protestantism. If the issues raised are indeed happening, then those committed to the historic teachings of the faith have no choice but to “Meet It!”

ISBN: 978-1-629130-61-3
DVD, 4 discs
(425 minutes) over 7 hours of content

Price: $24.99