My Prayer

My Prayer CD

My Prayer

By: Sean Nebblett

From simple scripture songs and stirring original compositions to your favorite hymns with full ensemble accompaniment, this album by Sean and the family is sure to inspire hope and faith.

Price: $14.99

Music Samples

1. Amazing Grace 4:22
2. Precious Jesus 4:03
3. I Believe in Miracles 4:41
4. Come Thou Fount 3:42
5. The Lord is not Slack 2:09
6. My Prayer 4:47
7. Holy City 5:16
8. Fear Thou Not 2:36
9. Take Up Your Cross 5:36
10. O Sacred Head 4:54
11. Promise 4:54
12. Home in Jesus’ Hands 4:46
13. You Chose 4:55
14. Holy, Holy, Holy 4:53

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