Preparing for the Harvest DVD

Preparing for the Harvest

Preparing for the Harvest

By: Last Generation for Christ

Featuring Mike Lambert, Dennis Priebe, Allen Davis, Larry Kirkpatrick, and Christian Berdahl.

The human nature of Christ. The final atonement. Character perfection. Righteousness by Faith. What do these hot topics really mean to us as Seventh-day Adventists? Today there are a number of differing viewpoints on these doctrines foundational to biblical Christianity and the historic Seventh-day Adventist faith. In this DVD series you will receive the definitive answers to the questions you have. The presenters leave no stone unturned in helping the seeker of truth understand what makes Seventh-day Adventists who they are. This series is a must-have and a must-share with those wanting the final answers.

DVD, 4 discs
Over 8 hours of content

Price: $24.99