Consecration Solos

Consecration – Hymns Of Devotion – Solo Tracks

What are solo tracks?

A solo track is an accompaniment track that has music only, no vocals. That means you can sing the song yourself, using the beautiful background music included in all of Christian’s albums. Enjoy!

Looking for samples of these songs? Listen to Christian sing them here!
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1. As Water to the Thirsty – Solo Track 4:07
2. I’d Rather Have Jesus – Solo Track 5:10
3. Oh Let Me Walk With Thee – Solo Track 3:11
4. I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go – Solo Track 5:35
5. Beneath the Cross of Jesus – Solo Track 3:08
6. Live Out Thy Life Within Me – Solo Track 4:00
7. Have Thine Own Way Lord – Solo Track 4:38
8. Near to the Heart of God – Solo Track 3:40
9. Give Me Jesus – Solo Track 3:49
10. Nearer Still Nearer – Solo Track 5:27
11. I Need Thee Every Hour – Solo Track 3:51
12. Fill My Cup Lord – Solo Track 4:59

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