Our Mission

The mission of Shepherd’s Call ministry is to spread the beautiful message of the gospel to the world through music and the spoken word. It is the mission Christ Himself gave to every believer in Matthew 28:19,20 – “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

We know that time on this earth is short, and millions are perishing without hope.  As Christians, we are called to share the beautiful truths we know and to offer the joy of salvation to all who are willing to receive it. This is our mission, and we invite you to join us as we seek to fulfill it to the glory of God!

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Our Work


The Bible is God’s word. We like to share our personal experiences, along with Biblical messages and inspired writings to help encourage you, and lead you to a closer walk with Jesus Christ. More


At Shepherd’s Call Ministry, we use the powerful medium of music to convey truth to the soul. In fact, one messenger of God wrote, “Song is one of the most effective means of impressing spiritual truth upon the heart. Often by the words of sacred song, the springs of penitence and faith have been unsealed.” EV 500. More


We live in an age when people are accustomed to, and expect, a certain level of professionalism in media production, and we as Christians need to meet those expectations. More



Christian enjoys opening the word of God with His family, friends and people everywhere. He believes in a common sense approach to teaching and the use of interesting illustrations to help make even difficult subjects easier to understand. He tries to reach people with practical ideas that they can actually apply to their daily living.






Christian has been blessed to represent the Lord in many different venues that range from 3ABN’s world wide television network, local television and radio stations and networks, at ASI National and Regional Conventions, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, camp meetings, evangelistic programs and large and small churches around the world. You can schedule Christian to speak at your function or you can also listen to some of Christian’s messages by visiting our downloads page. Make sure to visit our signup page to receive our audio messages, completely free!



You can schedule Christian to speak at your function or you can also listen to some of Christian’s messages by visiting our downloads page. Make sure to visit our signup page to receive our audio messages, completely free!






Testimonial from a seventeen year old:

Hi Christian, thank you for coming and speaking to us. You’ve really inspired me! I normally find speakers boring. Thank you again. – T. From the Country of Heiti



Music is such a powerful medium. It has the ability to literally change the soul for better or for worse. We therefore, are very careful with this God-given gift. We are best known for our music programs like, “A Vision of Heaven” where we combine sacred songs and inspired narration to form uplifting evangelistic music programs. They are loved and have been well received by people of all faiths and backgrounds, and Biblical truths have entered where the preacher couldn’t go!




We have held concerts and evangelistic music programs in many different locations, singing at health meetings, in public parks, in garages, in front yards, in concert halls, in large churches, in small churches, in school auditoriums, at homeless shelters, in retirement homes and even in the middle of the wilderness! Wherever God calls us, we will go!





We endeavor with every album, every song and every public outreach to uphold Jesus and His matchless love for humanity, to inspire people to reach higher in their walk with Him or simply to encourage the listener to take the first step toward a saving relationship with Jesus. We do this without lowering our standards to those of the fallen world around us. We desire to give the “trumpet a certain sound!”





Samples of Christian’s music can be found in our online store, along with full CDs, digital albums, and MP3 singles for purchase.



Christian has been in media production since 1988. Beginning in production at the very bottom, he worked his way up from working in a control room and shooting city council meetings for a cable company, to shooting, directing and editing sporting events, commercials, and documentaries for professional studios with clients like ESPN, PBS, MTV and Nickelodeon.




Since 1995, when Christian found a saving relationship with Jesus and dedicated his life and talents to the Lord, he has produced, written, directed and edited more than 250 Christian programs; including cooking schools, evangelistic television programming, camp meetings, lectures, promotional videos and documentaries.




Construction on Shepherd’s Call Studios began in 2009. The studio/office building is nearly completed now and is equipped with High Definition video equipment. In early 2012 SCM finished production on an amazing 12 hour music seminar entitled, “The Distraction Dilemma.” We believe that video is one of the most powerful and effective mediums to convey truth. A well-scripted, high quality production, complete with inspiring music and careful editing can profoundly change lives!



Letter of Reference:

I became acquainted with Christian Berdahl in a professional way, but as we worked very closely together on a video project, we have become friends. I have traveled extensively with Christian and have worked with him in a number of settings and found him to live what he believes and is an active growing Christian that loves the Lord.


Professionally, Christian is impeccable, works hard, and when necessary, goes beyond the call of duty. He is honest, stands behind his work, and is flexible and cooperative. He is easy to work with and carries himself with a professionalism that is excellent. In production, he knows his stuff. I know from personal experience that he has an eye for quality and this shines through in all his productions. – H.M., Virginia


Check out our video page where you can watch trailers for our latest productions, find music videos of Christian singing, and much more!

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