Our Family

Christian and Coby Berdahl live in beautiful central New Mexico with their sons, Tyler, age 14 and Micah, age 12. In addition to singing and traveling, the Berdahls enjoy camping, hiking and exploring the beauty of God’s nature.

Led to Jesus in 1995, Christian dedicated his life to full-time ministry and has been working since that time in different ministerial capacities. In 1996 Christian had the privilege of leading Coby to her relationship with Jesus and soon after they started their walk together for God’s Kingdom. Since the birth of their two children, Tyler and Micah, the ministry has become a family affair. Tyler and Micah also love to sing for Jesus and soon they will no doubt be evangelizing the world with their sweet voices. In addition to running the household and home schooling the boys, Coby takes care of the ministry’s bookkeeping and correspondence.

Christian and Coby were both born and raised in the central valley of California. Though living in different towns their paths crossed in 1993 and they became fast friends. In early 1994 they finally realized what everyone else already knew, they were in love! They were engaged in early 1996 and married six months later in a small ceremony with close friends and family attending. Their wedding was held at a dear friends home in Acampo, CA bordering the then full and beautiful Mokelumne River. There they began an abundantly blessed life together, of which they are grateful for each and every day. Sixteen years later they are still best friends and deeply in love with each other!





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